The Science behind Your Obsession with All Things Football

The Science behind Your Obsession with All Things Football

Feel good after you’ve re-watched Messi’s Copa del Ray’s final goals for the zillionth time?

If you’re someone who de-stresses by watching a game of football, feels good at the mention of their favourite players, and gets excited about the upcoming football events, this blog is just for you!

players in a football field

We bring you the science behind football obsession and why it leads to the release of feel-good hormones in your body. Keep scrolling to learn what science has to say about your football addiction.

Mirror Neurons Fired Up  

Did you know that your brain has mirror neurons that make you feel like you’re actually playing the game!

Whenever you tune in to a football match or re-watch your favourite match highlights, the mirror neurons fire up. They work together to make you feel connected to the players, raise your heart rate, and get you in the mood for the game!

The next time you feel elated after a victory, or feel down because of a lost match, know that it’s your mirror neurons at play!

Delivering some Dopamine to the Body

Football or any other game has the potential to unlock the dopamine release in your brain. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that regulates body movement. However, more importantly, dopamine is a feel-good neurohormone that triggers feelings of happiness and pleasantness.

a crowd gathered to witness a football match

It improves memory, boosts motivation, and makes viewers feel pleasantly good. Since dopamine activates reward centers in the brain, it can be slightly addictive. Dopamine release and its after-effects might be the reason why you’re hooked to the football channel and can’t get enough of your favourite football club!

Triggering the Testosterone

Fancy some extra Testosterone? Why not re-watch the glorious victory match of your beloved football club!

Studies have shown that men who watch football and see their favourites do well at the game have increased testosterone in the body. This sex hormone lowers excessive fat, builds stronger and leaner muscles, and provides you with increased bouts of energy!

Watching a winning game, looking up for match highlights, and reading up on football news can all boost your self-esteem and help you sport a ripped body!

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